The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ

Nothing symbolizes the passion of Christ more than the cross.

For about 2,000 years now, the simplest expression of the Christian faith has been the cross. It is the most recognized symbol in the world and the most recognized symbol of what the Christian faith stands for. If you’re a follower of Christ, this is the symbol that you’ve built your life on.

It’s one of the most profound mysteries of the Christian faith that the God of the universe, the one who has all the knowledge, all the wisdom and all the power, would choose the cross as the ultimate expression of his love for humanity!

The Romans were the masters of execution and crucifixion was one of their most used methods. It was such a cruel form of death that by law it could not even be used on Roman citizens. First they would beat the condemned man with a whip of leather straps with sharp objects tied to each one. Then they would tie the heavy crossbeam to the man’s bleeding back and force him to walk through the most crowded part of the city for all to see. By the time they got to the place of execution, it would be a huge public spectacle. Then they would lay the cross on the ground and nail the man to it. On the cross, the condemned man would have to raise himself up in order to breath. This would go on for hours, sometimes days, until they eventually died, often from suffocation.

This is the physical suffering that Jesus endured for you and me. This is what he was going through when he looked down at the mob and the soldiers that were mocking him and said, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

Questions to Consider
What benefit do you find in revisiting the events of Jesus’ crucifixion?
What does the cross mean to you personally?

Talking to God
Meditate on the suffering of your Savior, cherishing what he did at the Cross on your behalf. Ask him to help you show your gratitude to him through your personal worship and obedience today.