More Mercy Please!

More Mercy Please!

More Mercy Please!

Mercy is more than a feeling but compassion put into action.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy” (Matthew 5:7).

The Jewish leaders of Jesus’ time did not understand this mercy principle. They were proud, egotistical, self-righteous and condemning. Jesus’ ministry ran counter culture to the leaders of his time. Jesus reached out to the sick and healed them. He healed the eyes of the blind. He welcomed and ate with prostitutes and sinners. He took the lonely and made them feel loved. He took little children into His arms and loved them (no one else in the Bible is identified doing that).

Mercy is sympathy and compassion in action towards someone in need. Mercy is seeing a person without food and giving food. Mercy is seeing a person who needs love and loving them. Mercy is meeting a real need, not just feeling bad for someone. The substance of mercy is action… both physically and spiritually.

Jesus also makes a wonderful promise in this verse. He promises that those who give mercy will be shown mercy. I can’t think of anything we need more than the mercy of God. So remember, mercy works like this: God shows us mercy… then we show mercy to others… then God shows us more mercy. How cool is that!

Questions to Consider:
What does it mean to be merciful?
Why is mercy important to God?
When is it most difficult for you to show mercy?

Talking to God
Remember a time when mercy was shown to you. Take the time to stop and just thank God for his mercy. Praise him for being the kind of God who gives mercy to those in need. Ask God to show you a person you can show mercy to today.

Showing mercy is one of the ways that we bring the kingdom of God into the lives of people every day.